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The name's Jennifer. Interests: Write, read, late-night reading, eat chocolate, sleep, science, draw, knit and crochet, I like the universe, little facts here and there, etc etc etc... Favorite books: I mostly like books that have adventure and romance, some comedy and thriller. It all depends of my mood. But I like to read whatever catches my eye. Most of the time they're YA. About me: Obsessive reader, nerd, questioner, and struggling writer. Those ideas like to play games with me some times... I read depending on my mood. I can buy a book and it can be lying there a year because I don't have the necessary mood to read it... :D If you want to add me, go ahead :D If you're an author and you want me to read your book, you can private message me and I'll see if I can add your book to my reading list. I love to read ARCS :D Maybe a bit too much... I co-own a blog called Boricuan Bookworms with my friend Marianne. It's something small, but we'd appreciate it if you follow us! :D Here's the link: Have a great day! :D "We read to know we are not alone." ~C.S. Lewis I'm preparing myself for the future chaos and loss of Goodreads as my book site. Their new policy is just insulting. I loved Goodreads, but it seems like it's becoming more author/publisher/MONEY friendly than it's original reader friendly ways. What a shame...
I DON'T KNOW GUYS. MIDDLE EARTH OR HOGWARTS? DX -------- Who on Earth would want to go to Panem lol????